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Let's Talk About Resumes

August 24, 2013

Resumes simply refuse to go away.  Despite the fact that there are so many other ways (like blogs and personal websites) to become visible that are so much more fun and interesting than old fashioned resumes, hiring managers, search firms and human resources just keep on asking for them. 

It's really no mystery.  Resumes are an excellent way to screen candidates, to get a glimpse of how they communicate, how well they write, their attention to detail, their level of self-awareness, and...

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Resumes With 'The Look of a Leader'

September 28, 2013

In a recent discussion with a job seeker, he made a "good news, bad news" comment that his resume was generating a fair amount of response in the marketplace, but the positions for which he was being considered were below the level of his experience and competence.  He handed me his resume; I gave it the 25-second 'recruiter review' test and was struck by the highly tactical nature of the content and the 'junior' appearance of the document. 

Let's talk about the content first.  Virtually...

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The Employment Gap

October 30, 2014

Shakespeare's Hamlet had it easy: all he had to do was ponder his existence. Job seekers have to ponder how to account for gaps on their resumes, including determining whether or not their current severance period legitimately qualifies as ‘Present’ employment.

What do you think? Take this two-question quiz.

Q1. Even though your last actual day at work was three months ago, since you're still receiving severance, it's OK to use the term ‘Present’ in the dates describing your position until...

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