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2 posts published in March 2015

Your Reputation Is Your Personal Brand

March 15, 2015

Although it is sensible to focus on what a job seeker can do for a target employer or organization, whether or not our story is credible is largely dependent on the achievements and results that we have already generated, rather than on what we say we can achieve in the future.

Behavioral research tells us that the way in which an individual has performed in the past is a good indication of how that same individual will perform in the future. Humans learn and grow and acquire new skills,...

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Interviews Should Be A Two-Way Street

March 30, 2015

Recently I have been involved in numerous conversations about interviewing. It’s wonderful that there seem to be more positions being posted and that organizations seem to be inviting candidates in for interviews. So, if you are a job seeker, the odds that you may be engaged in interviewing seem to be improving. And the burning question is… are you ready to be interviewed?

The best interviews are a conversation, a dialogue, an engaging exchange between two adults with a shared goal… to make...

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