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2 posts published in July 2015

Thriving In a Merger

July 10, 2015

There is a natural inclination for us all to focus on our own individual situation in the face of a significant change in business models or processes. If you have ever heard the phrase “the most important word in merger is me” you know this to be true. Yes, we should be concerned about our own careers and positions when we learn of an impending merger – there is no doubt that there will be changes that will affect every employee in both firms, regardless of which one is the big dog and...

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

July 17, 2015

Summer: one of the most evocative words in the English language. And one with many faces. The summers of my childhood make me smile and recall activities of another time and place - both literally and figuratively. No school, no regimentation and no homework. Being outside, swimming and making elaborate sand castles on the beach, riding my bicycle and taking road trips to my grandparents' house way out in the country. Picking berries and having picnics and drinking homemade lemonade.


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