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2 posts published in May 2015

Spring is a New Beginning

May 3, 2015

After one of the worst winters on record in New England, with frigid temperatures for weeks on end and snow totals that forced even the most stalwart Yankee stock to stay inside, Spring is finally here. There is a verdant smell, a warming of the soil and a warming of the sun that make us all feel reborn, revitalized and ready to make things happen. It is also a season of color: delicate yellow-green of new leaves before they change to emerald, green grass, brilliant yellow wild parakeets and...

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

May 9, 2015

"It feels like you're breaking up with me!" These were the words that a former manager of mine blurted out years ago when I told him I had been approached by another company and had decided to accept their offer for a new position.  I had been part of a fairly small group of people reporting to this manager.  We worked well together, had complimentary skills and made our boss look good, so he saw my departure as very personal.  No surprise.  He was human and his first thoughts were about...

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