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Emails: Can't Live With Them... Can't Live Without Them

June 9, 2014

Mashable reports that 144.8 billion emails are sent each day.  The Huffington Post reports that we spend an average of 28% of our work week reading, sorting and responding to emails.  (They suggest we should stop doing that and use that time to watch a movie on Netflix.) The Radicati Group states the average office worker sends or receives 120 emails per day.   

Whether you spend more or less time dealing with your emails than average, you are probably spending a significant portion of time...

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Summer Networking

June 21, 2014

Among job seekers one of the more frequent reactions to the onset of summer is that it's not a great time to find a job because 'everyone is on vacation'.  In some ways I wish it were true, since the notion of everyone being on vacation at one time, as long as that includes me, is pretty enticing; but it's actually not accurate.  Certainly there are days or weeks when specific individuals are out of touch, but neither the business world nor academia shut down when the weather gets warm and...

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Performance Review Time

June 21, 2014

Is it June already?  Is it really time for mid-year performance reviews? Why is no one ever ready (including me)? Why does everyone find performance review writing an onerous task, even if we intellectually recogize there is merit in the process?  Good thing that as Career Muse  I can merely muse without feeling an obligation to respond to all these pesky questions.  Instead, I have a little performance review story for you... with a very happy ending.

Some years ago in another phase of my...

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