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2 posts published in September 2013

Preparing for the Phone Screen

September 14, 2013

It's September and interviewing activity seems to be accelerating as managers and recruiters return after the Labor Day holiday.  Some of the  people you reached out to in August and even back in July rediscovered your resume or took another look at your web presence and called you back.  Now you have a phone screen scheduled with someone from human resources, and you are beginning to prepare...  and to worry.  Almost all job seekers say they are more confident and more impressive in person...

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Resumes With 'The Look of a Leader'

September 28, 2013

In a recent discussion with a job seeker, he made a "good news, bad news" comment that his resume was generating a fair amount of response in the marketplace, but the positions for which he was being considered were below the level of his experience and competence.  He handed me his resume; I gave it the 25-second 'recruiter review' test and was struck by the highly tactical nature of the content and the 'junior' appearance of the document. 

Let's talk about the content first.  Virtually...

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